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City Rythm New Orleans Jazz and Booze

City Rythm New Orleans Jazz and Booze

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The unparalleled city of New Orleans stamps an indelible imprint on the spirits of all who encounter her. An utterly unique mix of deeply rooted traditions and modern innovations, the name alone conjures up images of swinging jazz clubs, sounds of lively street festivals, and the aroma of sweet beignets. Each person’s experience of New Orleans is as individual as the city itself, and I cherish mine deeply. The welcoming vibrance of the people and their city grabs you by the hand, pulling you into an enthralling culture that’s so difficult to leave behind. To take this city with me wherever I go, I set myself the challenge of recreating its ambiance through scent. Distinctive amongst City Rhythm’s offerings, New Orleans is our first gourmand release, designed to encapsulate the beautiful complexity and raw authenticity of this historic locale. New Orleans opens as warmly as a sultry Southern morning, with a sweet and nutty praline note balanced by a bright bouquet of lychee and rose. Inspired by days spent walking through the famed French Quarter, a fresh bread accord weaves its way throughout, as a double shot of Bourbon rounds out the experience in a perfect blend of sweetness, booziness, and that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

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