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City Rythm 2654 decants

City Rythm 2654 decants

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To create City Rhythm’s latest release, Red Line 2654, we are delighted to honor the inundation of requests from our customers by combining two of their City Rhythm favorites into one. Closing the distance of the 2,654 miles between San Diego’s Pacific coastline and Miami’s Atlantic beaches, Red Line carries the best of both worlds in its cargo. This flawless fusion allows the notes of two City Rhythm classic fragrances, Miami and San Diego, to enhance and play off of one other for an utterly unique experience. The juniper berries and blood orange of San Diego shine brightly next to Miami’s coconut and lime notes in the opening, before Miami’s floral and rum notes merge seamlessly with San Diego’s sea breeze and ambergris, to create a fantasy beach you can take with you wherever you go.

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